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(Proof of concept) Attract as many people to support your cause as you can!

We didn't have a lot of spare time this week due to our work schedules, but we still wanted to try to make something for Resist Jam. We have a lot of ideas and plan to expand the game further, but this is what we were able to finish in the week timeline.


Clicking on the buttons at the bottom of the screen will purchase items that will increase your 3 stats: reach, logic, and empathy. These stats will help to prompt the people walking by to join your protest. Some of the people walking by need to be convinced to join through logical arguments where others will need to be convinced through empathetic conversation.

  • When you increase your Reach (the green stat), you will be able to see more of the street. You will also be access more potential protestors.
  • When you increase your Logic (the blue stat), you have a chance of attracting any person who has a higher logic stat.
  • When you increase your Empathy (the pink stat), you have a chance of attracting any person who has a higher empathy stat.
To exit the game, just press alt+f4.


We have a lot of features that we hope to add in the future. Some of these include:

  • Character selection/creation.
  • "Go To Work" mini-games in which you would earn money.
  • Protest destruction by outside forces when you are not at the protest.
  • Costs and descriptions to all purchasable protest items.
  • The ability to select a specific platform for your protest.
  • Platform specific benefits and drawbacks.
  • Win conditions and missions.
  • More!

Install instructions

To play, simply unzip the folder and run the .exe file inside.

Thank you for checking out our "game"! :D


ProtestTycoon.zip 46 MB

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